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Pilot Facilities

The Pilot Plant facility under COE-Sportech is set up in separate building in WRA Thane Campus. The Pilot Plant consists of various machines related to product & prototype development of Sportech products. Various Sport textile R&D samples are being developed using the incubation facilities in association with different manufacturer. The incubation facility is available to manufacturers and users of sports textile products. This helps the users and manufacturers to take trials for new product developments.

Machine Name Purpose Make Brief Specifications
Worsted Spinning System – Roving frame For preparation of roving M/s Trytex machinery Ltd., Coimbatore Count 3-15 Nm No of spindle 4
Worsted Spinning System – Ring frame For preparation of worsted yarn Count 20 Nm to 80 Nm No of spindle 12
Woollen Spinning System For preparing woollen yarns M/s Globe Machines , Panipat, Count 2 Nm to 20 Nm 100 spindles
Woollen Carding Machine For preparation of woollen slubbing M/s Globe Machines , Panipat Count 2 Nm to 20 Nm working width 1.5 mt, no of ends 160, Speed 15-20 mpm
Hank to cone winding machine For conversion of hank to cone Indigenous
Friction Spinning System(DREF 2) For preparing technical textile yarns (core/sheath yarn & coreless yarns) M/s Ernest Feherer Below Count 6 Nm
RF Dryer For drying of textiles M/s Kerone, Mumbai 3 KW, 3 drying zone and maximum speed 10 mpm
Assembly Winder For parallel winding of yarn M/s Peass Industrial Engineers Ltd, Mumbai (M/s Saurer Schlafhorst) Model: Versa A
Spindles : 06
Two for one Twister For preparing plied yarns M/s Trytex machinery Ltd., Coimbatore Model: Trytex TFO Spindles : 06
Sectional Warping Machine For preparing warp beams M/s Prashant Gammatex Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Model: Servotronic 1080
Working width: 2200 mm
Weaving machine (Flexible Rapier loom) For producing fabrics M/s laxmi Shuttleless looms Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Model: CMR Laxmi Shuttleless loom
Working width: 190 cm
Suitable to weave 30 to 400 GSM fabric
Hot Melt Laminating & coating machine To impart hot melt coating on the fabric & for fabric lamination M/s Hipmitsu, Itlay Working width: 2000 mm
Compression Moulding Machine To produce shoe soles M/s Unimech Ltd. , Mumbai Model: Unimech 300
Capacity: 300 Tons
Upstroke Hydraulic Press
Rubber Mixing Machine For mixing of rubber M/s Unimech Ltd. , Mumbai Dimension : 10 inch × 24 inch
Shoe Stitching Machine For stitching of shoe uppers M/s Usha International, Mumbai Usha Model : 1341
(Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Machine)
Usha Model: 2000-6
(Post Bed Lockstitch Machine),.
Ultra Sonic Sealing Machine For sealing of thermoplastic fabrics M/s Roop Telesonic Ultrasonix Ltd., Mumbai
Industrial Sewing Machine For sewing of heavy weight fabrics M/s Usha International Mumbai Model: 8500 B USHA
Gill box For gilling of long staple fibers NSC, France Model: PB 28
Comber To separate the short fibers from sliver/top NSC, France Model: GN 30

The State Of The Art Machinery / Equipment Of COE

Name of the machinery / equipment Specific purpose
Winding machine For winding plied yarns
TFO / Cabler Ply twisting
Sectional warping machine For warping the yarns
Rapier weaving machine Fabric formation
Warp knitting machine For knitting technical fabrics
Circular knitting machine For knitting sports/ industrial hose pipes
Braiding machine To braid the engineered yarns
Vacuum spraying machine For spraying special chemicals
Industrial sewing machine For sewing industrial fabrics
Ultra Sonic Sealing Machine Applied to the non-pin seam of fabrics, non-woven fabrics, thermo-melt fabrics
Shoe stitching For stitching of Shoe
Sweating Thermal Mannequin Diagnostic investigation under controlled conditions by simulating human body
skin responses to the wearing of textile apparel.
RF sealing machine For making soles of shoes
Compression Moulding Machine Molding rubber, plastic, composites they can be used for wide variety of functions
as bonding, laminating, assembling etc.

Technical Textiles Product developed

  • Sleeping Bags
  • High altitude jackets
  • Sport socks with anti odour property.
  • Fire fighting suits.
  • Non asbestos Brake liner.
  • Flame retardant curtains.
  • Belt fabrics.
  • Filter cartridges.
  • Pilot suits made of Kevlar & flame retardant viscose.
  • Flame retardant textiles like furnishings & upholsteries for automobiles.

Prototypes developed

  • Shoe sole components.
  • Sports wear.
  • Tent fabric.
  • Parachute fabric.
  • Ballooning fabric.
  • Track suits.
  • EVA hot melt coated Nylon fabric for sail cloth.
  • Polypropylene non woven Poly olefin hot melt coated for sport bags.