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Ongoing Projects

Central Wool Development Board

  • Sustainable Enhancement of Aesthetic Values of Woolens by Digital Printing.
  • Development, Application and Benchmarking of Eco Friendly Moth Repellent and Moth Proofing Finish for Woolen Textiles.
  • Development of sustainable and biodegradable mulching for agrotextiles application using deccani wool fiber with added functionality using plant micronutrient.
  • “Utilization of Indian Coarse Wool as insulating Material for Building Construction as a Green Building Material and Comparison of such coarse wool based developed products against conventional materials like glass wool/rock wool.”
  • "Design & Development of Wool (Special fibres & blends) based Novel Denim Fabric with Multifunctional properties such as moisture management, anti-microbial etc. using ecofriendly finishing techniques.”