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Council Members

Governing Council of the Association

"The Council of the Association shall consist of the President, Two Vice-Presidents and 12 Members. The number of Members may be increased or decreased by resolution passed at a meeting of the General Body. Subject to provision contained herein all members of the Council shall be ordinary members and / or nominated members, elected by the Association provided that always three members shall be representatives of the Ministry of Textiles. The Director of Research will be an ex-officio Member of the Council".

Governing Council functions (as given in the MOA)

  • To carry out the objects of he Association as set forth in the Memorandum of Association
  • To have management of the all the affairs and funds of the Association & exercise all the powers of the Association subject of conditions laid down by Resolutions of the General Body
  • To manage affairs of the Association
  • Shall have control in regards to all matters relating to the management and organisations of the Association
  • To make, impose, vary and repeal by-laws
  • To pay expenses
  • To purchase or otherwise acquire
  • To secure fulfillment of contract
  • To institute, defend, compound or abandon
  • To refer claims to arbitration
  • To give receipts
  • To invest Association’s money
  • To enter into rescind contracts
  • To set up local branches of the Association
  • To provide for compliance with regulations
  • To establish and promote research work
  • To use funds of the Association
  • To collect information
  • To establish and support institutions
  • To pay the cost of promotion, etc. of Association
  • To borrow or raise money
  • To draw promissory notes and bills
  • To take Offices or acquire premises
  • To engage professional assistance
  • To appoint Trustees, hold in trust
  • To institute, conduct, defend, etc legal proceedings
  • To appoint Committees
  • To apply for patents
  • To appoint attorneys
  • To provide for compliance with regulations

Governing Council Members of WRA

President’s functions

He is elected by the Governing Council members and has to go for re-election every two years. Being the senior most authority he is responsible to the Council and supervising proper functioning of the Association as its head. He is also responsible for calling a meeting of the Council and be a president for the same.

Director’s functions

  • Shall in all matters under his charge, have powers similar to those of a Director of National Laboratory under the C.S.I.R. or such powers as may be given to him from time to time by the Council of Association.
  • Shall prescribe the duties of all officers and staff of the Association and shall exercise such supervision and disciplinary control as may be necessary in accordance with these rules.
  • To coordinate an exercise general supervision over all research activities of the Association.
  • Shall exercise his powers under the superintendence and control of the Council of Associations.

Governing Council (2022-2024 )

Chairman Emeritus :- Shri. Ravikant Kapur, Grentex & Co. Pvt. Ltd
President :- Shri. H.K. Chatterjee, Raymond Ltd
Sr. Vice President :- Shri Deepak Goel, Geetanjali Woollens P. Ltd.
Vice President :- Shri. R.K. Khandelwal, Raymond Ltd

Members (Elected)

1. Shri. S.L. Pokharna - Raymond Ltd
2. Shri. R.K. Khanna - Amritsar Swadeshi Woollen Mills
3. Shri Rajesh Ranka - Modern Woollens Limited
4. Shri Bharatbhai Patel - Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd.
5. Shri Manmohan Singh - Jayashree Textiles
6. Shri. Rajeev Kapur - Kapotex Industries Pvt. Ltd.
7. The Manager - Gusheel, Ahmedabad
8. Shri Sanjay Kajaria - Grentex & Co. Pvt. Ltd

Members (EX. Officio)

1. AS&FA OR His Rep., Ministry Of Textiles
2. Joint Secretary (Wool) OR His Rep., Ministry Of Textiles
3. Joint Secretary (R&D) OR His Rep., Ministry Of Textiles
4. Textile Commissioner OR His Rep., O/O Textile Commissioner
5. Shri. M.K. Bardhan, Director General, Wool Research Association

Special Invitees

1. Ms.Arti Gudal, Woolmark Services India Pvt Ltd
2. Shri Vivek Mehta, Global Wool Alliance Pvt. Ltd.
3. Shri. A.P. Deshpande, Secretary General, I.W.M.F., (Ex. Officio)
4. Shri. G.K. Meena, Executive Director, C.W.D.B., (Ex. Officio)
5. Dr. S.K. Chaudhuri, International Inspection Initiative
6. All Other Ordinary Members of WRA.