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cricket pads & protective gears

Cricket Batting gears are an essential component of any cricket players protection against the impact of cricket ball. The current proposed project of light weight cricket gears, will not only a substitute in replacement of currently used heavy weight cricket gears but also enhance the performance efficiency of the player like: agility of batsman running between the wickets, better protection from the cricket ball impact etc. The earlier gears used the different composite foams to make the cricket gears lighter in weight but the impact resistance against the cricket ball was purely depend on the thickness of the foam used. Therefore, in order to achieving the higher impact resistance, higher thickness of the foam is used, which makes the gears thicken which consequently increase the flexural rigidity of the gears. In the proposed project, cricket gears will be made by using innovative technology like shear thickening fluids based, Para Aramid based composite, and different light weight composites using different fibers combinations etc. which will not only make the lighter weight cricket gears but also will enhance the impact resistance against cricket ball without increasing the thickness of gears, which in consequence doesn’t hamper the range of movement of player and enhance the performance efficiency.

Novelty of product:

  • Developed product is Lighter weight than existing HDPU based pads items.
  • Developed product is Thinner than existing HDPU based pads.
  • More mobility & flexibility during usage.