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Wool Research Association
Akbar Camp Road, P.O. Sandoz Baug
Kolshet Road, Thane - 400 607,
Maharashtra . India.

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Eco Dept. +919892910834

COE sportech : +918369014987

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Eco Analysis Lab

WRA’s Eco Laboratory has been one of the major facility centres created in the aftermath of the German ban on certain azo dyes, heavy metals and other toxic components, closely followed by Government of India measures on similar lines with a view to provide necessary help to the Indian industry in the production of eco friendly textiles.

Eco Laboratory is well equipped to take up complete testing of Dyes, Pigments and Finished Textile Products for all the tests as per international Standards and has been providing the testing services to the textile industry over a decade. Presently, Eco Laboratory has the facility to test Formaldehyde, banned Amines, Heavy Metals, Pentachloro Phenol, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Pesticides, Moth proofing (bioassay and chemical assay) and FTIR, UV analysis etc. Recently Eco Laboratory added a Particle Size Analyzer system to its existing infrastructure. This instrument is capable of testing particle size in wet and dry state and complies with international standard ISO 13320.

Eco Laboratory has also provided consultancy to the industry dealing with manufacturing of mothproofing agents. During this consultancy we have helped the industry for optimizing the concentrations of these chemicals to achieve satisfactory results. We also helped the polyester wipe manufacturing industry in New Mumbai to achieve the soft and supple handle of the wiping fabric using alkaline wet reduction technique. Eco Laboratory also provides training and consultancy to college students and their projects. Recently students from ICT Mumbai, Jaipur University, Dye Star successfully completed their training and projects in Eco Laboratory.

Testing Services
Testing of textiles & dyes for eco friendly parameters like
• formaldehyde
• heavy metals
• banned aromatic amines
• pentachlorophenol, polychlorinated biphenyls
• various pesticide residues - like hcb, lindane, dieldrin, ddt etc.

Testing of pharmaceuticals & pharma intermediates for purity, impurity profile, stability etc.
2. Analytical projects pertaining to method development in GC, GCMS, HPTLC and HPLC.
3. Preparative work related to separation of organic compounds.
4. Synthetic projects pertaining to new molecule development
5. Facility for bioassay determination in moth proofing
6. Undertakes research projects of industrial and national importance Training services
7. Conducts professional short term courses in instrumental analysis
8. Recognised by directorate of technical education for p. G. Diploma course in ecological and instrumental chemical analysis.

Analytical testing facilities

1. GC FID and TCD for identification and quantification of organics
2. GCMS for identification, quantification and confirmation of structure
3. HPTLC, HPLC dad analysis for quantification and identification
4. Atomic absorption with graphite hydride generator and mercury concentrator for metal analysis at ppm and ppb level
5. FTIR with drs analysis for quantification and structural identification
6. UV analysis for quantification and identification