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Wool Research Association
P.O. Sandoz Baug
Kolshet Road, Thane - 400 607,
Maharashtra . India.
Tel : 91-22 - 25868109/25868398 
Fax : 91- 22 - 25868365

Textile Colour and Design
Colour department is involved in R&D and testing related to colour difference measurement, quality control, yellowness & whiteness index measurement. It is involved in colour recipe prediction service for all customer specific requirements and also involved in colour data maintenance and update for all online customers through indigenously developed internet based computer colour matching service. It also has got top and yarn dyeing facility up to 1 kg.

Colour department is equipped with Bench Top Spectrophotometer (i7, X-Rite), hand held spectrophotometer (I one pro, X-rite), Colour matching software, Robotic auto Dispensing System (Colour Focus 72, Dye Focus/ Daelim Starlet), Colour viewing cabinet (Spectra LUX Jr. / Paramount), Infracolour Dyeing machine, Shaker dyeing machine, Laboratory Jigger dyeing machine and HTHP top dyeing machine.

The most advance instrument used for measurement of colour, shade difference, whiteness and yellowness etc. of Textiles.
Standard Test Methods we can follow :-   ASTM E313, CIE